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Friday, August 24, 2012

Justin Lee Scandal Picture News

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Justin Lee Scandal- in Taiwan might almost certainly be the largest sex gossip to shock Asia and the world ever since Edison Chen from Hong Kong disgrace in year 2008 plus that of Scandal of Hayden Kho in the year 2009 located in Philippines.

A identified womanizer in Taiwan plus son of a Taiwanese multi- millionaire, 27-year-old Li Zhong Rui aka Justin Lee (photo, left) is thought to be the man in scandal photos plus videos which have revealed online freshly.

In the thought scandal photos, Justin Lee is take pictures of with in excess of 40 different women, counting well-known Taiwanese superstar, according to a statement by The China Post.

Extra descriptions say it is over sixty women, not 40, and one of the women is considered to be Justin Lee's former girlfriend Maggie Wu (photo, right), a popular model and actress in Taiwan.
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Justin Lee is by now in the safekeeping of Taiwanese police following he submitted himself yesterday. He has been hunted by the police as August 1 for allegedly drug and raped a number of women plus taking intimate pictures with them with no their approval.

Justin Lee's scandal photos, which are really screen shots from his videos, are readily accessible on the internet, as placed on different forums  as well as blogsites. -
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